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  • You helped me make a healthy change of lifestyle. I'm down 54 pounds they Healthy way. Only 6 pounds from my first goal. I'm not on any medications for health issues.
    – Jade Goodman
  • Thank you for all you've done for our family the past 17+ years! We love you tons!
    – Natalie McCray
  • You have helped me so much on my quest to be healthy and to have a healthy family. You are near and dear to our hearts. You have a gift of compassion and love for your patients
    – Billie McBride
  • Can't believe I have lost this much weight this past month. My knees feel better, indigestion is gone and I sleep sounder. Thank you Dr C, it will only get better from here!!! Looking forward to my future.
    – Cathy Gray
  • Drew, thank you again, for your advice & taking the time to give me so many options for more natural health remedies. And especially for reminding me to not lose hope.
    – Roma Sorenson
  • Since starting the Living Health plan, my energy has increased, I have lost some weight, gotten off 2 medications, and set some new goals. Dr. C's classes help me understand what I should be eating and why. I love attending group classes because it helps me feel conected to others changing the way they eat and live. It helps me stay motivated and to maintain a positive attitude.
    – Sue Petersen

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